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Welcome to Frederick Indoor Training (FIT)! At FIT we believe off-season training for soccer athletes should focus on the fitness characteristics that directly transfer to soccer skills and tactics. FIT training focuses on improving foundation movement patterns and general strength and conditioning.

The objective is to educate and introduce sports-specific fundamentals and techniques. Exposing young athletes to a wide variety of training modalities stimulates healthy physical development and increases functional capabilities, motor skills and knowledge.



  • General Physical Preparedness
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Anaerobic / Aerobic Capacity
  • Specific Transitional Conditioning
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness
  • Loading and Landing
  • Functional Mobility and Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention

Athletes progress systematically and they train with soccer specific exercises, unlike general physical fitness routines.

What to expect:

General Physical Preparedness

This is general training that improves an athlete’s sport-specific training by limiting his weaknesses, improving his quality of movement, and enhancing his body's ability to handle greater workloads.  Getting them to push, pull, hip hinge, squat, and lunge are all vital to the body’s ability to do more specific movements.

Specific Transitional Conditioning

A soccer game involves short, high-intensity movements, as well as sustained light to moderate-intensity movements.  Soccer players are also in and out of contact with other players and up and down off the ground.  These transitions are what are most exhausting to these athletes.  A properly conditioned athlete will be much more explosive, aware, active, and resistant to injury.

Loading and Landing

This is in reference to the joints and muscle tissues in the body.  For example, the loading of one leg in preparation for a jump, and the subsequent landing on the same or opposite leg, and how it affects the body.  This training helps athletes to be explosive, fluid, soft, and safe throughout loading and landing.  This is a very important, and often overlooked, skill set in sprinting, jumping, and change of direction.

Mobility/Flexibility and Injury Prevention

No matter how athletic a soccer player becomes, it makes no difference if they cannot stay on the pitch.  Our top priority is keeping players healthy, so they can perform for their team.  Eliminating asymmetries, muscle imbalances, and improving movement patterns all play a huge role in keeping an athlete fit and on the pitch.

Alliance Soccer Club athletes will achieve their best through training sessions designed to target the mind and body, so that players will start the soccer season mentally and physically prepared to play.

FIT is located within the Frederick Indoor Sports Center (FISC), the area’s premier facility for sports, events and training.  To learn more about FISC/FIT, visit

We look forward to seeing you this winter. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Dan Gilbert, FIT, and Performance Director at 410.440.1392 or



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