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What is Professional Coaching?
One of the founding principles of Alliance Soccer Club is to provide all players access to professional coaching no matter their age, ability level, and position in the club. To ensure that this principle continues to be evident, we have defined what it is to be a professional coach. As a coach/educator in the Alliance Soccer Club, we are not stagnant in our approach to developing the player and person. Professional development and continued education is a requirement for all of our coaches. We believe that no coach is the finished article and must be in a constant search for opportunities to develop as a coach and mentor of the players of the Alliance Soccer Club. The Professional Coach at the Alliance Soccer Club is held to specific standards that can be referenced on this page and ensures the quality of education each player receives at the Alliance Soccer Club.
Coaching Education
The role of coaching education is not simply the pursuit of a license or diploma. However, all of our coaches working with teams will meet the license requirement of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association and Alliance Soccer Club. The role of these courses are to advance coaches as a professional and refine their craft as a professional coach. As our coaches progress through coaching courses, their ability to observe, analyze, and present developmentally appropriate sessions will continue to guide our players to success. But coaching courses alone should not be the only avenue our coaches should pursue.
We want to give our players the opportunity to be guided by the best coaches available, starting at the youngest ages. We want our coaches to always be looking at ways to improve, whether that is using the many online resources (NSCAA Resource Library, Pro Libraries, International and domestic coaching sites), attending the NSCAA Convention, attending high level matches, or simply attending coaches meetings with our own coaches. The thirst for education should be continuous.
Assessment and Evaluation of Coaches at the Alliance Soccer Club
The Alliance Soccer Club is dedicated to the growth of its players and coaches. It is essential that all coaches at the Alliance Soccer Club are assessed and evaluated by the Director of Coaching, Director of Player Development, Coaching Coordinators, and their peers. The goal of the assessment program is to encourage coaching that is aligned with the physical and mental development of the Alliance player. We will also use this method to ensure that the Alliance Soccer Club philosophy of player development is followed and properly presented. The coaching staff will be evaluated through several methods including the following: Video Analysis when required, On-site Observation, and Training Session Plan Review.
Role: Director of Coaching and DPD Director of Player Development  
Coaching Education:  Minimum of USSF C or NSCAA Equivalent
Development: Maintain current license and pursue new educational opportunities (e.g. NSCAA, USSF, UEFA, FA, KNVB)
Assessment Evaluation: DPD is required to submit 5 training sessions and subject to annual evaluation by DOC
Role: U11-19 Head Team Coach
Coaching Education: Minimum of USSF D or NSCAA Equivalent Level 6
Development: Attend 1 USSF or NSCAA Course or 3 Intra-Club Professional Development Sessions.
Assessment Evaluation: Continual formative assessment by DOC/DPD, submit 5 training session plans for review and semiannual evaluation by DOC/ADOC.
Role: U9-10 Head/Assistant Team Coach      
Coaching Education: Minimum of USSF E or NSCAA Level 4-5
Development: Attend 3 Intra-Club Professional Development Sessions and Co-Coach Games with DOC/ADOC during winter playing period.  
Assessment Evaluation: Continual formative assessment by DOC/ADOC, submit 3 training session plans for review, and semiannual evaluation by DOC
Role: Academy Assistant Coach           
Coaching Education: Minimum of USSF F or NSCAA Level 3
Development:  Attend 2 Intra-Club Professional Development Sessions 
Assessment Evaluation: In-person evaluation by DOC/ADOC



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