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Rostering of your child to play club soccer

For more information or assistance with carding contact our Club Manager Amber Topovich at


We know many of you provided managers or coaches with proof of age previously. We are following this process this year in order to take work off managers! They do so much for teams and your children, so this is all to make their workload as light as possible. You won't need to provide proof of age again after this year. Photos will need to be updated each year and forms must be completed each year per requirements of tournaments and leagues.

For your son or daughter to play on a club soccer team, he/she must be rostered and carded. This process verifies age eligibility for a team and that players only play for one team in a specific tournament or league.

Below are steps to follow for this process. All must be completed! This MUST be completed by the end of June. Delaying this process can put at risk your child's ability to play in games.

1. Proof Of Age —

We need proof of age for your child. We need this in a .jpg or .pdf format. The file size should be between 100kb and 2mb. A cell phone photo generally works if well-lit and not blurry.

Proof of age may ONLY be one of the following: a birth certificate, passport, a uniformed services ID card, driver's license, state ID, alien registration card from US Government, or certificate of a US Citizen Born abroad. Hospital, Baptismal, or religious certificates are NOT accepted. Documents with expiration dates may not be expired.

Note – If your child was born outside the United States, even if an American Citizen., there will likely be additional documentation needed. Just do the above steps first and we will follow up. The paperwork will NOT have anything to do with residency status. US Soccer will simply need to make sure your child did not move to the United States solely to play soccer! That is the ONLY reason any additional process.

2. Photo Of Your Player —

Photo must be recent (from the last few months). A cell phone photo is fine. This must be in color. Photos need to be between 100kb and 1mb.  This must be a photo from the shoulders up —similar to a drivers' license photo.

3. Forms — (download at bottom of this page!)

All 4 pages are required. We have made the forms fillable on a computer.  Just click on a field (such as the place you enter Player Legal Name on Form 2), then you can tab from one field to another or click. On most computers, this will speed things because most computers will fill duplicated information automatically.  This likely does not work on a mobile phone. You must print them after filling them and sign/date them by hand.  We know some data is duplicated but that is because it goes to different organizations. You can also print the forms blank and complete by hand.

— Note that your child MUST sign his/her name in 2 places (regardless of their age) -- at the top of one form and the middle of another.

4. Uploading —

After signing ALL the forms, scan all 4 pages or take a good well-lit photo of the forms. Rename ALL files with your child's last name first!!!

For example, the photo of your child could be smith_john_photo.jpg and other documents could be

smith_john_age.jpg smith_john_form1.jpg smith_john_form2.jpg etc. . . . PDFs work as well.

Upload all files (forms, photo, and proof of age) to the web address your coach has emailed to you. Do not minimize the files. If you are familiar with how to combine everything into one multi-page

Document with your child's name as the file name, please do so! Here is a very useful

Website to convert jpg and PDFs into one document for you to then download: http:// Separate files are acceptable as long as they are renamed as explained above.

Your coach sent you a link to upload to when done. Please use it!

Only as a backup method, if you truly cannot figure out the upload process, you may email the photo, proof of age, and 4 forms to

Reminder -- NO .GIFS, .TIFF, .BMP, .PNG, etc.... ONLY SEND .JPG and .PDF FILES.

5.  You are done!  Thank you! We will contact you from if there is a problem with your upload.

Here are the required forms. These can be completed on your computer, then printed out and signed.

Download Form Here

Note that in some browsers, such as Chrome, if you simply click save it won't save the edits you made. You have to choose print, then Save to PDF to save the actual field info you entered


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